Friday, June 14, 2013

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson (1883) illu.

Treasure Island is great. Especially if you have spent time sailing as I have, the story is much more close to home with much of the language be'in of a sea fair'in nature.

The copy I have is from a friend and was purchased for his father as a gift when published in 1924.

As Jim grows up quickly during the term of the story he learns that good and bad men come from both sides of the tracks. But as you might expect most of the good guys around sailing are from the better class.

It's too bad that the Captains role was cut short in the story; Stevenson inexplicably cuts off his leadership and wisdom too soon for me.

The concept of allegiance is explored, with Jim falling in and out of favor from one side to another, this is a source of interest and suspense throughout the book.

The story moves along nicely and Stevenson's writing is easy to get used to, very comfortable, aside from the sailing lingo.