Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter (1810)

 An outstanding but tragic story; long fallen from favor The Chiefs is a gushing romance. With its many pages of truly over the top praises of Wallace's saint like attributes it can be a real eye roll.

The action scenes however are as compelling as any and completely make up for some of the more tedious parts.

A fictional history about the 1st Scottish wars for independence, the Scots seem to be in a never ending war with whomever decides they need to be concurred.

The Scots I think may have been a bit of an easy mark due to their general lack of unity and sophistication. This particular chapter in the History of their struggles starts with the naiveté of thinking that the truthful, honest, and benevolent Edward I (what the hell were they thinking?) had their best interest in mind when they called on him to mediate the succession to the throne after Alexander's carelessness led to his own death in 1286.

Ed had only one thing in mind, expansion, subjugation, and domination.

Having said all this the Scots are a unique and wonderful tribe that without which the world would be a lesser place. Obviously I enjoy the literary contributions of the Scots, and have added Jane Porter to my list. Our present day girls could add her to their list of originals when sighting the great but  forgotten leaders of their sex.

This is a rather good condition 1875 printing from Philly.