Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Ancient Mariner & Christabel by Coleridge (1800)

Found this 1907 printing that includes The Mariner, Christabel, Kublai Khan.

The mariner was no big deal but I really liked Christabel!

The Christabel poem is beautifully written, it just flows of the tongue.

I didn't bother with Kublai Khan because after the disappointing (abrupt) ending on Christabel and researching Coleridge's inability to finish just about anything I decided enough was enough.

He lived near Wordsworth and his wife so there is an interesting real life story here. 

The lesbian overtones in Christabel are delicately rendered.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Canterbury Tales by Chauser (1478) Illu. Rockwell Kent

Wow, a difficult read; maybe a different translation would have helped but I doubt it.
Some parts are simply slow and tedious,  and I have read some tedious stuff!

I still like the Candide Kent renderings the best but I now have a small collection of books illustrated by him.

There are however some outstanding life lessons in several of the tales, others are just sophomoric humor.

In general the prose is rarely enjoyable, however there are a few very good portions. 

I especially like The Manciple's tale; regarding your closest friend's Love interest you must keep your advise to your self.

The Parson's "tale" is simply unbearable, I could not help but skim thru it, something I never do.

The Summoner's Tale illustrates that the hypocrisy of the clergy was as prevalent then as now.